Send Messages by Instructor

  1. Click the MySJSU Sign In link and enter your SJSUID and password
    The Faculty Center displays
  2. Click Send Messages
  3. Click Add a New Value tab
    The Message Detail page displays
  4. Select Instructor radio button and complete all appropriate fields
  5. Click Populate to populate the list of students
  6. Once all fields have been completed, click Send to send the message
    Note: Use the navigation bar to see the full list of students
    A Send Confirmation displays once the message has been sent
  7. Click Return to SJ Messaging to return to the message
    The Message Detail page displays
    Note: This is a summary of the message you just sent. If you review this information and determine you no longer wish to send the message, you may click Unsend. You can unsend a message at any time, but please note that students may have read the message already, and will probably have received a notification to their email accounts that they have a message waiting on MySJSU. These notifications are automatically sent every evening
  8. Click Return to Search to go back to the Find an Existing Value page