Enter Student Grades

  1. Click the MySJSU Sign In link (in original window), and then enter your SJSU ID and password
    Note: These instructions opened in a new window. We suggest you click the MySJSU Sign In navigational link in your original window (at top of page) so you can still refer back to these instructions after you have logged in
  2. If you see your term listed in your Faculty Center, skip to step 7
  3. If term is incorrect, click Change Term
  4. Select your Term by clicking the radio button
  5. Click Continue
  6. Select the class you want to grade by clicking the Grade Roster icon
    Note: The icon, located to the right of the class roster icon, depicts a person and a white board
    The Grade Roster Displays
  7. Enter the student grades in the field by clicking the arrow key or the letter key on the keyboard
  8. Click Save at any point even if some grade fields remain blank
  9. Once all student grades are entered, scroll to the top of the Grade Roster
  10. Change the Approval Status from Not Reviewed to Approved
  11. Click Save