Run an LCD Report

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to SJSU Human Resources > Payroll for North America > CSU Labor Distribution > LCD
  2. Select an LCD report to run
  3. Click Search using an existing run control
    The LCD run control page displays
  4. Enter criteria:
    • Fiscal Year: Enter 2006 for the current fiscal year (for Monthly Paycheck report also enter month, e.g. 200612 or 200702)
    • Department: Enter the department ID number
    • Dean/AVP level: Select this checkbox to generate reports for an entire AVP/College level. The department entered must be at this level. Note: This will only provide all LCD Reports if you have security access
    • Sort by Reg/Temp: Select this checkbox if you would like an additional breakout for Regular and Temporary employee salary expenses
    • Sort by Class: Select this radio button if you would like an additional separation of salaries by Class. Class is used to identify units and activities. Not all departments use this distinction
    • Sort by Project: Select this radio button if you would like to see the data separated by Project. Project is mostly used for Faculty Release time funding changes. This will separate those funded this way from the General Fund
  5. Click Run
    The Process Scheduler Request page displays
  6. Select the following settings:
    • Server Name: PSUNX
    • Type: Web or Email
      Note: If you choose email, you must specify an email address in the Email Address list box
    • Format: PDF
  7. Click OK
    The TF Contract by Emplid page displays
  8. Click Process Monitor hyperlink
    The Process List page displays.
  9. Wait at least 15 seconds, and then click Refresh
    Note: Continue waiting and then clicking the Refresh button until Run Status changes to Success and Distribution Status changes to Posted
  10. Click Details hyperlink
    The Process Detail page displays
  11. Click View Log/Trace hyperlink
    The View Log/Trace page displays
  12. Click PDF hyperlink
    Note: For most of the reports you will see 2 PDF links
  13. Click SJLCD00XS.pdf (Summary) or SJLCD00XD.pdf (Detail) hyperlink to open a report
    Note: If you chose Email (rather than Web), then the report will be emailed to you