View Employee Training History

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to SJSU Human Resources > Enterprise Learning > Employee Training History
    The Training History search page displays
  2. Search and select your Run Control ID (or create a new one)
    The run control parameters page displays
  3. Click Search
    The Employee Training History report search page displays
  4. Enter the following search criteria:
    • Employee ID
    • Set ID: SJ000
    • Department
      Note: Chose how you would like the data to be sorted by clicking one of the radio buttons in the Sort Options box
  5. Click Run
    The Process Scheduler Request page displays
  6. Select settings as follows:
    • Server Name: PSUNX
    • Type: Web
    • Format: PDF
  7. Click OK
    The Employee Training History report criteria page displays
  8. Click Process Monitor
    The Process List page displays and the job is now running
  9. Click Refresh to display the job status
  10. Wait until Run Status equals Success, and Distribution Status equals Posted
  11. Click Details
    The Process Detail page displays
  12. Click View Log/Trace
    The View Log/Trace page displays
  13. Click the PDF document link
    The Employee Training History report displays in a new window