Emergency Alerts

Alert-SJSU is our emergency notification system that provides information about what to do and where to go during a natural disaster or life-threatening emergency.

Students Auto-
Enrolled, Can Opt-Out

If you are a student and did not enter your own information on the Alert-SJSU pages in MySJSU, your preferred email address and phone number will automatically be included in alerts sent to the campus community as a result of emergency situations on campus.

You may update your own data on the Alert-SJSU pages in MySJSU at any time. If you enter your own data, only the data you have entered will be included in alerts that go out to the campus community. Also, students now have the option to opt out of these alerts. 

Employees Must Register

SJSU employees need to register to receive alerts. Only the data you have entered in Alert-SJSU will be included in alerts that go out to the campus community. 


To make sure you receive these important text, email, phone and TTY/TDD messages, register and/or check your contact information now:

  1. Sign in to MySJSU
  2. Click the Alert-SJSU menu item
  3. Enter your contact information
    Include working phone numbers so you will receive a call. In emergencies, when text traffic peaks, cell carriers throttle texts, postponing delivery.

Set Up Your Caller ID

Program the following into your phone so you can ID the sender immediately:

  • Alert-SJSU texts will be from 23177 or 63709
  • Alert-SJSU phone calls will be from 408-924-7578

Opt-Out Option

Students may elect to opt-out of these alerts by signing in to MySJSU and navigating to Alert-SJSU in the main menu. The Opt Out button is at the bottom of the main page. Pushing it will unsubscribe you from future alerts. You may manually add your data back at any time.

Get Information During Emergency

Need more information during an emergency? Call 408-924-SJSU or go to SJSU. Please refrain from calling the police, who must focus on the emergency.


Tell Us How We're Doing

Got feedback on Alert-SJSU? Call SJSU's Office of Marketing and Communications at 408-924-1166 or email


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I be notified in all emergencies?
    No. Alert-SJSU will not be activated for all campus news and activities. This alert system will be used only when your safety is at risk. The University Police Department will determine when and if there is a potentially hazardous situation before sending out Alert-SJSU messages.
  2. Am I automatically enrolled in Alert-SJSU?
    All currently enrolled students are automatically enrolled in Alert-SJSU. Though employees are not automatically enrolled, we strongly encourage all employees to sign in to MySJSU and register.
  3. Will I receive spam or other information to the phone numbers or email addresses I list?
    No. SJSU will never contact you using your Alert-SJSU Contact Information for any reason other than an emergency situation or to run system validation tests once per semester. However, if you use the same addresses or phones for your MySJSU Personal Information, then you may be contacted with normal campus information and updates.
  4. If I change my main phone numbers or email addresses, do I still have to change it on the Alert-SJSU pages?
    No. Your Alert-SJSU contact information will be any data you entered directly on the Alert-SJSU pages. If you never entered any data directly on the Alert-SJSU pages, then your current preferred email address and current preferred phone number will be used for emergency alerts.
  5. How many email addresses and phone numbers can I list?
    At least 1 phone number is required, but you can list up to 3 phone numbers, including: 1 cell phone with text messaging, 1 TDD/TTY device, and up to 2 email addresses.
  6. My cell phone uses an instant messaging service, such as AIM. Can I receive text messages that way?
    No. Alert-SJSU can send messages only through standard text messaging (SMS).
  7. Will I be charged for text messaging?
    It depends on your phone service provider and plan. If you are enrolled in a text messaging plan with your provider, you will not be charged as long as you are under your text messaging limit for the month. If you are not enrolled in a text messaging plan, you may receive a per-message charge on your phone bill. This charge varies from company to company. We recommend that you check with your phone service provider to ask if you are billed for any text messages you receive.
  8. Once I graduate or quit my job, how do I remove myself from Alert-SJSU?
    Students will automatically be dropped from the Alert-SJSU system within 2 weeks of the end of their last semester. You can remove yourself any time. 
    Employees must register to receive alerts. You will automatically be dropped from the Alert-SJSU system 6 months after your retirement or termination date. You can remove yourself from Alert-SJSU any time.