Cache & Cookies


A cache is a block of memory for temporary storage of data. The CPU and hard drive frequently use a cache, as do web browsers and web servers. Sometimes you need to clear your browser cache to ensure all PeopleSoft functionality is working properly.


Cookies are parcels of text put on your computer from a website you have visited. Cookies are used for maintaining specific information about users, such as passwords, site preferences or the contents of their electronic shopping carts. Sometimes you need to delete your cookies to ensure all PeopleSoft functionality is working properly.

Deleting Cache & Cookies

If you access web pages on a regular basis, we recommend that you clear your cache weekly to ensure that you are always viewing the latest version of the web page. Though you should perform this process sparingly, at times it is necessary. Most often, you will need to perform this process after a new release of the database or after we post a new version of our home page.

Quick Steps

Quick steps contain just the basic navigational steps to complete a process. For instructions on how to clear your browser cache and/or delete your cookies, select the appropriate computer and browser combination: