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My Student Center

Title PDF Guide Quick Steps
Student Center Overview
Student Center Overview (pdf guide)

My Personal Info

Title PDF Guide Quick Steps
Reset My PIN  
Reset My PIN (quick steps)
Set My Preferred Email Address  
Set My Preferred Email Address (quick steps)
Time Entry—Student Employees
Time Entry—Student Employees (pdf guide)
View My Messages  
View My Messages (quick steps)

My Academics

Title PDF
Enroll in (Add) a Class
Enroll in (Add) a Class (pdf guide)

Enroll in (Add) a Class (quick steps)
Drop a Class  
Drop a Class (quick steps)
Incomplete Contract
Incomplete Contract (pdf guide)
Open University Registration
—Continuing Students

Open University Registration—Continuing Students (pdf guide)
Spartan Planner
Spartan Planner (pdf guide)
View My Grades  
View My Grades (quick steps)
View My Unofficial Transcript  
View My Unofficial Transcript (quick steps)
View My Enrollment Appointments  
View My Enrollment Appointments (quick steps)

My Finances

Title PDF
Enroll in Direct Deposit (eRefunds)
Enroll in Direct Deposit (eRefunds) (pdf guide)
Enroll in Payment Plan
Enroll in Payment Plan (pdf guide)
Make an Online Payment
Make an Online Payment (pdf guide)
Set Up a Parent User Set Up a Parent User (pdf guide)
View/Opt Out of the Student Involvement and Representation Fee (SIRF)
View/Opt Out of the SIRF (pdf guide)
View Payment Due Dates
View Payment Due Dates (pdf guide)